3 Rules to Break Right Now in Special Education

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I’ve been in the Special Needs community my entire life…my brother has Down syndrome.  Our community can be weird.  It can be encouraging and defeating at the same time.  You can think you’re on the clearest path and then you are knocked over.  You want to learn from the generation before you, but you need more for the next generation. Check out these rules that you DON’T have to follow…regardless of what others in the special needs community say: OLD: Help your child meet their developmental milestones as quickly as possible. NEW: Let your child develop as a whole person at their pace. Love them, encourage them, challenge them to be their best from day one, but don’t focus on the numbers all of the time. OLD: Stick with traditional therapies only. NEW: Follow your gut when it comes to enriching your child’s life and helping them meet goals.  Horse therapy, music therapy, art therapy, drama class, learning to run 5ks, participating in the local drama club… you never know what will help your child burst through to their next milestone.  You don’t necessarily have to sit in a therapy office for hours to make it happen. OLD: Continuing Education is limited to traditional college. NEW: I’ve been writing IEPs for 20 years as an IEP advocate and have always looked at my brother as my benchmark for setting the standard for my clients.  It used to be that when you looked at a child’s future education, either they went to college or they didn’t.  My brother wasn’t going to make it at a traditional college, but he is in continuing education.  He loves cooking classes, sports leagues and more all through community options. Don’t ever limit your child’s education based on old-school classrooms. Ready for more rule breaking ideas?  Join us on Facebook at: facebook.com/catherinewhitcher Ready to work together? THE easiest way to hire me as your advocate: iepbootcamp.com

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