4 C's That Should Never Be Taken Away from Your Child at School

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Your child was born to learn and experience life.  No matter what label the world may have given your child, your child is designed to be on the path that requires 4 C's and they must never be taken away from your child.

Your Child Is:





If school is stealing any of these 4 C's away from your child, it's time to talk with the teachers.  Do whatever you need to do to keep the C's in your child's life, everyday.

Teachers went to school to bring out these traits in your child, but sometimes the system seems to stop the teachers from doing what they need to do.  Teachers need you to bring these qualities back to the top of the priority list.

Especially if your child has an IEP.  An IEP gives you, the parent, the ability to help prioritize these very important C's in your child's school day.  An IEP gives you the avenue you need to make sure your child is experiencing success at learning.  

Using these 4 C's is the perfect way to individualize your child's education. Parents, you know what these traits look like for your child. Teachers can bring the education piece and then together your child can love the process of learning.

Yes, this really is possible, even in the crazy broken school system we have here across the United States.  If you need help making this happen, don't hesitate to reach out HERE. 

And always remember... NEVER let a label limit your child.

With Hope & Determination,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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