4 Time Wasting IEP Habits to Stop NOW

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Being the best IEP advocate doesn’t mean you have to do everything all the time.
Don’t make these mistakes. 1. Trying to track everything all the time.  It’s impossible and will lower the quality of your advocacy.  If you are constantly emailing the team about every detail within the IEP, your communication becomes noise to the team and loses it’s effectiveness.  Focus on 1-3 aspects of your child’s IEP at a time.  Solve issues and then move onto the next priorities. 2. Micromanaging. You can’t and you shouldn’t be micromanaging every aspect of your child’s IEP.  You are the leader of your child’s IEP team.  You can ensure each team member is aware of their responsibilities of your child’s IEP and communicate clearly about expectations and outcomes, but you must give the team room to do their job. 3. Putting things off.  Pretending that the IEP team will magically know your child, their needs, the priorities of your child’s IEP will just prolong the inevitable disappointment of your child not receiving an appropriate education.  Procrastination of checking in with your IEP will only make your feel guilty and lead to more tension.  Stay involved. 4. Working without a goal.  You need to be clear of your child’s goals.  These might be actual IEP goals or mastering independence through using their accommodations effectively.  Pick 3 goals for your child that you would be proud to brag about at the end of the school year.  Imagine yourself saying “My child accomplished these 3 things….”  Pick those skills now! Not sure what priorities to pick for your child? Is your IEP team impossible to work with? Are you tired of managing your child’s IEP on your own? Join www.iepbootcamp.com and never advocate alone again!

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