5 Things to Say to a Child Instead of "Stop Crying"

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Being a mom is hard on some days... especially when there's a lot of crying involved. As a child I was told often not to cry or not to worry about things. I remember feeling that my mom just didn't "get it".  When I was a teacher (before I was a mom) I made a point to try and never say those words to my students. I didn't the aides in my classroom to say them either. So we came up with alternative words to try and help our students feel supported.

Eventually, as a mom, I got it. Sometimes I just want to say "stop crying"... I have two daughters, so it doesn't matter what age we are talking about, there are tears. The tears happen less now than the did before (my girls are young teens), but I have a feeling we are just in slow spot... heart breaks are on the way and disappointment of life not being fair in high school is destined to happen. 

So I thought I'd share my favorite go-to words that seem to help us get past those tough moments. 

From one mom to another... we go this! 

Oh, and this list is EXTREMELY valid to bring to your child's IEP team. Share it with your child's teacher/team and let them know that you are using these key phrases to get through tough spots and encourage them to do the same.  The more your child feels supported, the better!

With Hope Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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