7 Steps to Helping Your Special Needs Child in School

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Dear Parent, I get it. You don't want to sit at the IEP table, but as long as you have to... Let's go get your child a better education. After 20 years of negotiating for a better education for special needs families, I'm going to share with you 7 Steps to Helping Your Special Needs Child in School.
  1. Don't cram your child's school day with a million IEP goals.  Your child's IEP should only have the most important skills listed so your child (and the IEP team) can focus on what your child REALLY needs for the future.
  2. Do have a home to school communication journal.  If you already have this, PLEASE make sure it is written in your child's IEP as an accommodation so the next team has to keep up the communication.
  3. Don't wait until report card time to check in on your child's progress.  Every week pick one team member and email them for an update on your child's activities and progress.
  4. Do keep your child's IEP team updated on any big events going on at home, schedule changes, eating and sleeping changes, etc..
  5. Don't sign a release for the IEP team to talk to your child's private doctors and therapists.  You have to be involved in that communication. It's in your child's best interest you know what's being said about them.
  6. Do make sure that your child has opportunities to be part of the entire school community, not just their classroom.
  7. Don't treat the IEP meeting like a massive world event.  You can work with the team before the meeting and during the meeting.  If things still don't work out, NOTHING has to be agreed upon that day... we have time to fix things after the meeting.
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