Are You THAT MOM????

Special Education Tips

tumblr_nz9sidMdpI1stpnvao1_500Being “that mom” when you are advocating for your child happens. Sometimes you have to pull out all stops and just make it happen. Being “that mom” does not have to be a negative. In fact, one of my favorite things I love to do is to help people become “THE mom” vs “that mom”. That Mom: People run the other way because they know you are going to push for your child to get what they need. THE Mom: People stand still and wait. What are you going to ask for? How are you going to request everyone works together. What solutions are your bringing to the table. That Mom: People shut down and you have to push harder to get results. THE Mom: People listen even though they don’t always like what you have to say. That Mom: People are ready to say no before you even get started. THE Mom: People are open to saying yes or at least “let’s try”. Are you ready to become THE mom and move your child’s education further? is the THE place to be! Think you are too far down the path of a broken team? Your label of That Mom is permanent…not true. Are you proud of being That Mom? You just don’t care what people think? That’s ok too…but after 20 years of experience…I can tell you that switching your role from THAT mom to THE mom helps your child more than you can imagine. Being THAT mom is exhausting… It’s time to become THE mom, lead your child’s IEP team & get your life back.

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