Bad Day = Fountains & Crazy Water Balloon Fun!

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Yesterday was one of THOSE days.  You know those days that Murphy's law hits you hard. Yep. THAT kind of day! So I had two choices.  Continue down the path of wanting to crawl into my bed and hide until the storm passed (um, it was 11a.m. and I'm a mom of 2, who works full time from home, really that wasn't an option) or do something absolutely ridiculous to change the tone of the day.  I chose ridiculous! So we hopped in the car looking for some low cost, family fun, nearby.... I have extensive experience with finding this stuff from homeschooling.  Sitting around on tough homeschooling days just wasn't an option.  I was always trying to teach my kids that they have a choice to be happy, so I had to lead by example, even on days when I didn't feel like it. So here's what we ended up with.... We started with Mentos & Coke fountains.... Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.17.18 AM I picked up the geyser tube that came with Mentos at our local craft store, but you can grab it here on Amazon if you don't have a craft store near by. Then we followed the coke explosion with those crazy water balloons that fill up and tie themselves.  That was all fun & games until my girls decided to team up against me! (Mission of kid smiles achieved!) Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.14.23 AM I've heard that some brands of these balloons don't work. Ours worked perfect.  There were only a few duds.  You do have to fill them and then use them right away because they leak a bit, but that wasn't a problem for us! Our brand was Zuru Bunch o Balloons. You might have heard me say that I still homeschool my kids, even though they attend public school.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  My girls had to learn a life lesson how to turn their day around, find activities on a budget, follow directions to do the activity and there's a really good chance that at some point I'll make them research and tell me exactly why mentos and coked = a geyser.   All done in a painless and fun way!  Psssst.... if you've ever thought about homeschooling your special needs child, there's still time to register for the July class (here's the scoop). So here's hoping that today goes a bit more as planned for both you and me! And of course... if it doesn't go as planned, there's always the option of finding more fun :)      

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