Be a Voice, Not an Echo

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It's tempting as a special needs parent to follow the tribe.  Especially if that tribe has the same disability label as your child.  I have to encourage you... DON'T.  Don't just follow the tribe because you share one common thing, a label. Be your child's voice. Not an echo.  Listen to your parent gut.  Hear your heart when it speaks to you about what your child needs. All children with Down syndrome don't learn to read the same way. All children with Autism don't need a swing in their house. All children are DIFFERENT! You want the world to know your child, accept your child, recognize your child.  Then you can't follow the tribe and lump your child into the group that is loudest.  Yes, you need to find people that fit your views and your needs.  We all need community support, but you still need to do life your way.  Your way and your child's way will be like nobody else's. You'll know when you are living out your voice and your child's voice because you will feel free.  Free from judgement, free from pressure, free to be who you are and free to help your child live out their true selves. The stress of keeping up with the family who has 15 therapists will be gone.  The frustration of your child raising test scores will be gone.  The emptiness you feel because you just want you child to "have a good life" will be gone.  Because you will realize that when you are your child's voice and you teach them to have their own voice, life is good.  Actually, it's great.  It's not perfect.  It's not what you imagined before they were born and you have no idea what the future holds, but you will know.... deep down in your soul, that you and your child are living an authentic life that fits you.  You are not in anyone's shadow.  You are not an echo.   You and your child are beautiful, strong and full of life. With Hope Always, Catherine img_4586.jpg

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