Can and cannot 

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Have you been told what you child can and cannot due because of the disability? Ugh! If you've met one child with Down've met ONE child with Down syndrome! If you've met one child with've met ONE child with Autism! Do not let your child's school team design an IEP around your child's disability and what the team "knows" about your child because of their disability. One of the best places you can make your voice heard is in the parent input section of the IEP.  EVERY IEP has a place for parents to put their concerns about their child and you can also use that section to voice how you see your child's future and what they need so they will be prepared. Every team member shows up to the IEP with their report on your child.  Your parent input section is where you put YOUR report!   You are an equal member of the IEP team and you do not need to let the team determine what your child can and cannot do without YOU. Ready to prepare your parent input statement for your IEP?  Let's do it NOW!

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