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Dear Parents,

Below are links to the IEP checklist, IEP workshop notes and resources on how we can continue to work together long distance.

Here you go!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

See you soon!

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


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  • PAula SHockley on

    Hello Catherine,
    I’m not real sure how I ran across your site, I think one of my fellow Partners in Policymaking gals linked me to your site! Awesome! You give some great insight and tips. But I am a professional mom to a pretty involved kid and can’t live and breathe IEP. Am well versed, and take no crap! I am a nurse, but still inclusion is a foreign concept to our area. I’m not backing down this year, even if I have to get attorneys involved! Thanks again


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