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Dear Parents,

Below are links to the IEP checklist, IEP workshop notes and resources on how we can continue to work together long distance.

Here you go!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

See you soon!

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


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  • Shelby Knight on

    I’m needing help with my sons school district they are not following his IEP or BIP

  • Andrea on

    I need help in NYC. The DOE is dragging their feet and my 5yr old is paying the price. He is still not been placed, has gotten 2 bad IEP’s, and even mediation wasn’t that helpful. I am his only advocate. He’s finally started receiving OT and therapy now through his insurance, NOT the DOE.

  • Lydia Cora on

    Hi my grandson has high funtioning autism…..he is 8yrs old …..very intelligent….sweet and caring…..but he tells me he try to stop stimming in class but he cant concentrate if he doesnt stims….the let him do it but when he gets loud they tell him to do push ip against the wall…..i dont know what to do…..but that doesnt feel right….help

  • Sara P. Morales on

    Hello I’m looking for someone to help me in ways I can help my son to encourage him to play with peers, toilet training, and to be successful in classroom.

  • Kelly on

    Hi! My son will be 8 next week and I need to know where I can find laws that govern children like him. He has autism and adhd. The school is not being cooperative with things I have suggested. He’s a smart boy buy I constantly get reports that he can’t read etc. He reads aloud to me at least twice a week! Any help you can give would be appreciated! Thanks

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