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We had to get away. We had to get out of routine. We HAD to get out of the -3 temps outside, but a trip to Florida just wasn't going to happen last minute. Instead, I planned a great escape to the Wisconsin Dells! My daughters and I stayed at the Chula Vista Resort... it was the perfect 24 hour getaway!

Of course driving from through Wisconsin requires a few stops to get cheese, but we didn't stop for long. We were ready for warm temps and a lazy river!

My kids had no idea that we weren't staying in a typical hotel room.  The two bedroom condo was PERFECT for all of us having our own space.  We always pack a lot of food to make sure our allergies and special diet needs don't slow us down.  The restaurants onsite had pizza, burgers, pasta and there was a steakhouse restaurant on the resort grounds, but with only being gone for 24 hours, I packed up everything we needed to make sure we had plenty of fun time in the water.

Our room wasn't quite ready when we got there (check in is at 4p.m., we were there at 1p.m.).  We decided to have a picnic by the fire in the lobby.  The front desk gave us our wristbands so we could start enjoying the waterpark early, but we decided just to wait for our room.  That gave me time to find the Starbucks onsite and go exploring inside both the hotel building and the condo building.  We've been to waterparks before and I was definitely impressed with the layout of everything.  Sometimes you can get exhausted just going for a coffee run when at a resort, but Chula Vista was easily accessible.

My girls were so excited to see the condo! Unpacked our cooler into the kitchen.  Organic Grass Fed Hot dogs, salad and fruit were all on the menu for the night and next day.  We may not be able to pick up typical food at restaurants, but I always try and bring the fun foods from the brands we can use, especially on vacation. 

See the jacuzzi?!?! Yeah, my kids noticed that right away too!  Besides the kitchen and living room, we also had a master bedroom with a king bed, a second bedroom with two queen beds and two fireplaces.  We were feeling a bit spoiled.  As a special needs family, the room was perfect, not just because of the space, but because it was comfortable.  Updated, but not the type of room where you have to yell "don't touch" or you're freaking out because your kiddo isn't sitting on the furniture properly. 

Told you they loved the jacuzzi! Ice cream and Netflix made for a perfect time to relax.  My girls asked if they could do this and they were sure I was going to say NO. Ha! We're on vacation... go for it! Oh, it gave me time to read too :) 

Kids were still sleeping while I prepped the salads for later.  The snack shop in the water park gave me these to-go containers since I had forgotten to bring some on my own. All the staff onsite were super nice both inside the waterpark and throughout the hotel. Back to food prepping for the day... I knew the kids would be starving after more hanging water play, had to be prepared to avoid the crankiness that comes with overtired kids. 

This is how I prefer to enjoy the cold, from the inside!  Kids were getting ready for the waterpark, one last time before we left.


So we've been to a lot of water parks and the HUGE upside of Chula Vista is that it's not overwhelming. It's smaller than most that we've been too, BUT that meant it was a calmer environment. NO waiting for water slides, a truly lazy time in the lazy river AND my kids were able to play volleyball for hours without interruption.

You check out Chula Vista's website and see their waterpark and many choices for food at the resort.  Their website was a definite true representation of what is available for a fun get away!  Many thanks again, for Chula Vista hosting us and helping us share a great destination with special needs families!



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