Communication + Consistency = IEP SUCCESS!

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There are two things that have to happen if you are going to be your child's best advocate.
  1. You must have a line of communication open so you know about your child's day.
  2. You must be consistent in your involvement.
Now before you tell me that the school won't talk to you or that you've tried to figure out your child's school day, just give me a second to get started... Let's start with a fact: You will get the information you need about your child's school day. It's how you are going to get this information that will vary from year to year, school to school, teacher to teacher. Be confident, right now that you will get the information and be confident that you can do it without conflict. When you can figure out the best way to communicate with your child's IEP team, you will get the information you need to help improve your child's education without having to bully the team. Now, once you have information about your child's school day, on a regular basis, please promise me one thing. You will NOT use this information to throw team members under the bus.  You will not through information back into their face and say SEE I KNEW IT! The more the team can trust you with information and how you will use it as a tool to work together, the more the team will communicate with you! Here's the deal - you can't just ask for communication sometimes and you can't only expect to be involved in your child's education when there are fires to be put out.  When you are inconsistent in communicating with the team they either think "hey, if we ignore mom, then she will just go away" or "uh oh, she trying to get a hold of us so there must be a problem".  Neither one of those responses are what you want! When the IEP team expects for you to be involved on a regular basis and they know they can trust you with the information they share... including the good, bad and ugly. You are now becoming part of the team. And.... Once you become part of the team... you truly can take your child's education to the next level and help your child EXCEED expectations! With Hope & Determination, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed If you need help getting consistent communication with your child's team or you need the support to be consistent in advocating, JOIN ME in the Special Education Help Center! two-steps-to-being-your-childs-best-advocate

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