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Helping small businesses include ALL families is one of my favorite things to do.  Usually when things go wrong in the community, it's simply from a lack of knowledge or awareness.  People often don't know what to do when they see differences so they don't do anything or they stumble and do something we (the special needs community) feels is wrong.  

Remember, every time you (as a special needs family) are out in the community you are setting the standard of how you should be treated and how awesome a special needs family really can be.  Don't worry about the meltdowns or the special requests you may need to make... you are leading the way to true community inclusion.

If you have been treated poorly at a place of business and you've gotten nowhere in going up the chain of command, please don't hesitate to email and tell me about what happened.  Knowing about your experiences helps me know where I can help more businesses help you.

Love you All!

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Special Needs Community Advocate 

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