Cop on a Rooftop! One of our favorite Special Olympic days!

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img_3892.jpg   We have food allergies in our house, but we know when we can break the rules just a little! Cop of a Rooftop is one of those days :) We almost forgot about today being the day, until my brother sent me his pic in all of his new swag.  We jumped in the car and headed to Dunkin Donuts and made it to the carpool line just in time.  I will not admit that I told my kids to bribe their teacher with a donut, in case they were a little late. I LOVE Special Olympics.  I grew up coaching my brother and his friends in many different sports and our friendships in Special Olympics have continued for over 30 years. A big shout out to all of the cops who are spending their time on a rooftop today making a difference for an organization that deeply changes lives by bringing FUN front and center!

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