Discover What Drives Your Special Needs Child

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We all need motivators to reach our goals and your child with special needs is NO DIFFERENT!

When you are working with your child's education team it is critical that you bring information to the table that the team cannot get on their own.  You know your child best and we need to turn your knowledge into action. It's time for you to Discover what Drives YOUR child and bring those motivators to their school day. You shouldn't get push back from the team when start small! Talk to the teacher about using your child's favorite toy figurines for counting objects.  You might be surprised how high your child can count and add with he's counting Minions! Fine motor goals can sometimes be a pain for kids, but what if they could draw, color and write about their favorite TV show?!?! Bringing this creativity to your child's day can help your child make progress faster than ever thought possible.  It won't cost your teacher a dime. (I'm sure have all of their favorites at home!) It's a win/win for your child having fun and the teacher looking awesome when she can share with you that your child is exceeding goals on the next progress report. Need more ideas on how to EASILY personalize your child's IEP goals and get results? Join me in the Special Education Help Center, TODAY! With Hope & Determination, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed hydrated

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