Emojis in the Special Education Classroom... is it time????

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Special Education Teachers and Parents... THINK ABOUT THIS!

Communication Systems: Emojis are flooding your texts and FB comments. We live in an image rich culture. Integrating picture schedules, prompts and communication tools in the past was difficult, but it's time we catch up in the classroom and start using these simple systems with our children.

Just last week, my brother (40 years old with Down syndrome) sees a cruise brochure in the mail. He loves cruising! So he takes a pic of the brochure. Texts it to me and then sends a 🎄. He's telling me what he wants for Christmas! Two pictures and I've got the whole message. I sent him back a 😱 and he knew right away I wasn't buying it. It was a great conversation between us that we would have never had years ago living 75 miles apart. Using only 3 pictures, we fully understood each other and had a laugh. The next time we saw each other we talked about cruising together sometime soon.

Let's stop overcomplicating the way we communicate with students and start using the communication systems that the world is using right now.


Yes, My mom took a picture of my brother texting me. She gets a kick out of watching him send me funny messages. He knows just how to tease me, like a little brother should!

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