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How to Get Your Special Needs Child the Education They Deserve

with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed. - Over 20 years of IEP advocacy experience.

Dear Special Needs Parents… Do you feel yourself stressing anytime someone mentions the word IEP? Do you hear yourself saying the same thing to the school team over and over and over?  Are you tired of the school team, just not "getting" your child?
  • You know your child is capable of more than the school is doing
  • You know your child needs better models, better goals and more help
  • You know you know your child best, but nobody is listening
  • You know there's more you can do for your child, but the system is stopping you
I know you are willing to do anything you need to do to help your child learn more, but you sometimes you just don't know where to start. That's EXACTLY why I created The Special Needs Education Help Center! You are the expert on your child, but often times other "professionals" can make you feel like less.  With access to the Special Needs Education Help Center you will have the best of the best resources, help and support for your child's special education needs. It's can be so frustrating to spend hours of researching and  trying to figure out how to take the next steps to get your child a better education. You just want answers on what to do for YOUR child? Over 20 years ago I earned both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Special Education. I have a brother with Down syndrome and I thought “I’ll become a teacher and change the world from the inside of my classroom.“ Then I found out, the system is broken. I began to teach by day and help parents by night on what to ask for in the classroom. Soon, by parents telling other parents about our strategies to negotiate a better education, I left the classroom.  I've been working for you, the parent, for the last 20 years and I wouldn't have it any other way. Today, my special needs education help has evolved to help even more parents get a better education at the The Special Needs Education Help Center The days of parent support groups, expensive seminars, and inconvenient meetings to try and figure out your child’s education are DONE! Now, you can learn how to change your child’s education immediately by joining The Special Needs Education Help Center. The school system is broken, but your child's education doesn't have to be.

What is The Special Needs Education Help Center?

The Special Needs Education Help Center is a PRIVATE online group where I will help you, help your child get the education they need.

3 Ways the Special Needs Education Help Center will help you:

1. The resources, files, videos, checklists are available to you 24/7! Here's a quick look into some of the resources available to you...

  • Checklist: What to look for in a special education program
  • Checklist: Good IEP Goals Vs Bad IEP Goals
  • Checklist: Ideas for Accommodations & Modifications
  • Letter: Parent Input (Given Pre-IEP Meeting)
  • 504 Request
  • Letter: Parent Concerns: Placement, AT, Evaluations
  • Example: New Year Letter to Teacher (January)
  • Letter: Immediate Change in Placement Needed for Behavior Issues
  • Letter: Email to Request Data with Progress Report
  • Many more resources that are EASY to Use & Work!
**BONUS: You do not have to search for the resources you need for your child.  You simply have to ask and I will give you the letter template, checklist or video you NEED to make things happen for your child.**

2: Every Month, You will have access to an EXCLUSIVE Online Special Education Advocacy Class.  You will get everything you need to be your child's BEST advocate.

Upcoming Classes, Included When You Join Me in the Special Needs Education Help Center
  • July● ESY ○ What Your Child Needs to Learn Over the Summer ○ How to Take Data at Home○ Know Your Child's Placement for the Fall
  • August:● Back to School Plan ○ Back to School Checklist ○ Team Intro Letter ○ IEP Hot Spots ○ School to Home Communication Plan
  • September ● IEP Goal Writing ○ Present Levels of Performance ○ How to Know if IEP Goals are Good or Bad ○ Annual Goals ○ Objectives & Data
  • October ● Data ○ Standardized Data ○ Curriculum Data ○ Outside Data ○ What to do when a skill can’t be measured
  • November ● Transition Plans ○ What is a Transition Plan & Who Needs It? ○ How to Write an Awesome Plan for the Future ○ Get the Community Involved in Your Child’s Transition
  • December ● Effective Advocacy Strategies ○ How to Be Heard ○ How to Write Letters that Get Noticed ○ How to Communicate Get REAL Results
Sample Video - Learn about the accommodations and modifications in your child's IEP.

3. You can ask questions about YOUR child at anytime! With my 20 years of special needs education experience, I will answer your questions about your child.

This is NOT a parent support group. Although you will learn from other parent’s questions, I will personally be giving all Special Education Help. Who should join The Special Needs Education Help Center?
  • Parents who need to know what to say to the IEP team to get them to listen
  • Parents who need their children to learn more
  • Parents who are tired of the school having low expectations of their child
  • Parents who are being ignored by their IEP team
  • Parents who have questions about data, progress, curriculum, placement, therapies, transition, testing, goal writing and more…
  • Parents who want the best of the best ideas and resources to help their child learn
What will you have access to in The Special Needs Education Help Center?
  • Videos & EXCLUSIVE ONLINE IEP Advocacy Classes 
  • Advocacy steps to change your child's IEP, including MY advocacy toolbox!
  • Q&A - You ask questions, I give answers
  • Flexibility - The Special Education Help Center is accessible 24/7 via a private group on Facebook.
Join The Special Needs Education Help Center Today and Get Instant Access to the Special Education Help You Need! All Access to Special Needs Education Help for only $27 month to month membership download Your Special Education Help Center membership is month to month...If you join on the 5th of the month, you will be automatically billed on the 5th of the next month, unless you cancel.
  See What Other Parents Have to Say about The Special Needs Education Help Center: "I feel this amazing sense of empowerment having you in my corner. I'm kicking myself for bit doing this sooner, but I'm absorbing as much as I can!!!" - Karen "Hi Catherine, Just wanted to let you know that the meeting went REALLY well! We went with a 504 for one son, which I agreed with. They accepted ALL of my (our) recommendations for accommodations. They actually added a couple more minor accommodations for the both of them. They decided to keep the IEP in place for my other son. I didn't have to say a word! This is the FIRST time I ever felt like the special Ed team was advocating for my kids. I'm so happy!! Thank you for all your help again! 😉😊!" “There’s so much information in here that I didn’t know existed. I thought I knew it all, but now I know where to start to get real change in my child’s IEP.” -Proud Mom of a Middle Schooler "Want to share an outstanding advocates information. If you EVER need or even think you need help, some guidance or an advocate that really understands the special needs community I highly recommend Catherine Whitcher. Even though we live in an outstanding school district and have had little no issues with getting ANYTHING our son needs, we joined. Catherine and her years of experience are a wealth of knowledge that we can all use at one time or another. Sometimes it's just really nice to have a little "help" in your back pocket heading into an IEP meeting. Catherine helps and guides families ALL over the country. LOVE her special education help. -Debbie "Packing a backpack for Nate to start his new school tomorrow. Looking forward to him being educated in a creative and calm environment. Thanks, Catherine Whitcher." -Tina "My advice to anyone who is to never participate in an IEP or special education discussion without you on their team. EVER...." -Vicky  

Join the Special Needs Education Help Center Today and Get Instant Access to the Special Education Help You Need!

All Access to Special Needs Education Help for only $27 month to month membership download
    robertMeet my brother, Robert...I've lived in the special needs community my entire life. I've been in the field professionally for over 20 years. Let's go get your child a better education, TODAY! With Hope & Determination, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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