Flavor God to the Rescue!

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Woah! Check this out! My daughter LOVES to cook, but I've been running out of ideas on how to spice things up.  We've got allergies in our house so many things are off limits, but Flavor God just saved the day! I've been watching them on Instagram and decided to go all in.  Our order arrived yesterday and in the last 24 hours we've tried over 8 flavors (we got 20!) and we love them ALL!

We use these in two ways last night for dinner and today for packing lunches.

Turkey Roll Ups: 1 slice of nitrate free turkey, tablespoon of plain hummus, sprinkle of Flavor God, a few spinach leaves.  Roll it up and chew :) 

My oldest loves goat cheese, so she took some plain crackers, a dab of goat cheese and sprinkle of flavor... she made herself a plate of flavor variety that even surprised me!

This morning I added the Chocolate Donut Spice to my coffee - um, helloooo YUM!

Then after talking with my mom this morning, I mentioned that my brother (who has Down syndrome and often stays home alone while she is working) might really like these recipes and he could make himself some new no-cook meals.  We're going to see what flavors he likes when he visits next time.

I'll keep you updated on my brother's cooking adventures... in the meantime, you can get free shipping on Flavor God through Amazon prime - I'd love to hear what recipes you guys come up with!


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