Get Old Fashioned Goals Outta Here! 

Special Education Tips

IEP season has officially begun. I'm working through the many IEPs being sent to me and I am still seeing so many old-fashioned IEP goals. It's time to upgrade your child's education.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to modernize your child's IEP goals.  Think about it… Do you go to target and count out penny, nickel, dime, and quarters? No! In fact, if you are behind somebody who is checking out by writing a check or counting coins you are going to move to another line. Why would you want your child to learn math skills that way?  Think about how you use math skills and that is what your child should be working on in school. Forget about the curriculum and having to learn coins before you learn dollars. Your child is entitled to an appropriate education, which means we can cut out some of that fluff and get straight down to business.  It's time to prepare your child for the real world and that means getting out of the old fashioned goals! Ready for more help to change your child's IEP? I can't wait to help you! Check out these options on how we can work together…

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