Grocery Store Meltdowns

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Yes, I've been an advocate for 20 years, but I started as a teacher, no wait, I actually started as a special needs sibling... the bottom line is... I get it. (I'm a mom too, so really I get it!)

You can't always use a social story.

You don't always have the tools you need.

You have to put food in the house and sometimes the grocery store can be your worst nightmare.

Keep a grocery list in your car, just for your kiddo.  Make a few of them if you want! When you get to the parking, take a few deep breaths with you child and then give them their special list with some of their favorites.

You can even take turns in the store - mom puts one thing in, kiddo puts one thing in, repeat.

HINT: You don't have to get your entire list! Prioritize what you HAVE to get from the grocery store so if things go wrong, you can grab and run!

Moms, what other tips do you have to get through the grocery store and do you have your child's IEP team working on the skills needed for this life skill? Reading, writing, waiting in line... those are all awesome IEP skills!  I'll help you get them into your IEP if you don't already have them... START HERE.

With Hope Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


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