Hands on Learning Kits are Here!


It's finally here! Our Hands On Learning Kit, made by a company that started as a Vermont Homeschool, has arrived and I decided to check out the kit before my kids got home from school. I'm going to have to wrap it all back up before they catch me. There's just something about a perfectly wrapped box and the elite presentation that makes this kit stand out from any other art kits I've seen before.

You'll see me unwrap the box in this video and one thing I was super excited about was that the kit was definitely age appropriate for my girls (ages 13 & 14). This isn't something that you just pick up at your local big box store. It's a true lesson plan and experience into art and the artist... Van Gogh. 

Be aware if you snag one of these awesome shirts on their site, they run a bit small.  Go a size or two up and you'll love showing off your pursuit of non-standardized learning! Check out the shirts here.

My kids couldn't decide what type of landscape or influence from Van Gogh to focus on... they started the project over and over with NO TEARS. Art projects often end up a frustration for my youngest, but NOT this one! She enjoyed being able to work with the clay on a few different ideas before settling in on her project.

Finished! My girls decided they didn't want color on everything. They have plans to use the left over paints (there's a lot of left overs!) to make gifts for their friends and family.  They focused on warm landscapes (um, it's -3 right now in Chicago, I think they are giving me a hint for a vacation).  Just to throw in some fun, I made a snowman with the extra clay to remind them that we aren't going anywhere right now!


We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of our projects, the fun family time and the learning that happened that didn't even feel like learning. Finding age appropriate activities for us to do as a family can be tough. Being a certified teacher, IEP advocate and former homeschooling mom, I LOVE when I can use a project for many different reasons. I'm always looking for ways to enhance learning outside of the classroom and Homespun & Hands On provides the perfect all-in-one kits to make it happen!  

Time to go find our next project before cabin fever starts to set in.....

More about Hands On Learning kits here (affiliate link).


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