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holidaybonuscover   Dear Parents, There's nothing more that I want than for your child to have an AWESOME start to the 2016 school year.  I know we think of Fall as the beginning of the school year, but let's face it, the Fall is tough.  Transitioning into routines, new staff, new goals, new materials...sometimes that's all your kiddo can handle...the transition. Now that's over.  There are no excuses.  No transitioning. Routines are set. Staff should be secured. Bus routes are settled.  THIS is the prime time to start pushing your child's education further. To help you get started in creating a better education for your child in 2016, I have two resources just for you! 1. IEP Boot Camp Online: An online mastermind IEP advocacy group where we will work together to change your child's IEP.  You ask questions, I give answers and ACTION steps for you to take. HOLIDAY BONUS: Everyone who enrolls in IEP Boot Camp Online will receive personal, 1:1 help, in designing their parent input statement for their child's IEP.  I will help you express to the team what is truly needed to prepare your child for Further Education, Employment and Independent Living.   Find out more here. 2. How to: Change My Child's IEP - Video Series: 10 videos you can watch at your own pace to learn more about how to change your child's IEP and trigger the team to take action.  HOLIDAY BONUS: Everyone who purchases How to: Change My Child's IEP - Video series by December 15th will have their IEP questions answered on a live webinar (replay available).  You will have questions specific to your child when you watch these videos.  Let me give you answers and action steps for your child.  Find out more here. Have questions?  Not sure which program will help you most right now? The best place to ask is on Facebook...ask your questions right on the page!  

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