Homeschooling Part-Time, YES IT WORKS!

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Yes, I homeschooled my kids for a few years at the end of elementary school and yes, they went back to public school.  They got what they needed and were ready to go back.  My reasons for homeschooling in the first place were many.  It wasn't just for the academics, but we, as a family, had gone through some tough times (divorce, having to move, etc...) My daughter's and I needed time to heal our hearts together and get started in our new life strong.  Homeschooling allowed us to do that. On the academic side, my youngest daughter kept getting red flagged for being behind in her academic skills when really she is just not great at taking standardized tests.  There is a big difference between not testing well and not knowing the information.  I needed to homeschool her to figure out how she learns and if there really were any difficulties that needed to be worked on.  Considering she had sever seizures for many years, watching her academic skills has always been a priority. So here we are, my daughters just finished there first full year back in public school in 3 years. It went great! It was sooooo much different than before... I now know how my children learn better than I ever did before, what they need to get out of school and how to make sure that they have what they need at home to truly give them a well-rounded education. School is never going to give our children all that they need, but with a combination of public school and homeschool "stuff" they are thriving! I'm a big believer in kids learning when they don't even realize it. Whether you are a new full time homeschooler, considering homeschool or want to figure out how to supplement you child's public school education, THIS Homeschooling & Special Needs class is for YOU! As a certified special education teacher, 20 year IEP advocate designing education plans and a been there and done that mom, I'm going to show you how to maximize your child's education!  Check out how through the ENTIRE month of July, you can learn more about Homeschooling & Special Needs.... MORE INFO Pssst... lack of social opportunities shouldn't scare you away from homeschooling... The pic below is just one of many homeschool field trips we took, in fact, we could've taken a field trip almost everyday with a different group of kids, if we wanted too! 2014-12-13 10.09.06-1

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