Homeschooling & Special Needs - Could You Do It?

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It's not just a trend or a fad.  Homeschooling & Special Needs is on the rise, but could you do it? Have you ever thought about?  After coaching several parents through homeschooling & special needs over the past few years, I can say with confidence... If you truly WANT to make homeschool happen for your child. YOU CAN DO IT! The trick is that you can't be halfway committed.  You can't think that you'll use the school as an "out" when you have a few tough days.  You have to give yourself a timeline to really let yourself decide if homeschooling works for you and your child. I know this from personal experience. I NEVER thought I would homeschool my children.  I'm a certified educator and an IEP advocate!  But, life happened and my momma heart knew that I needed to bring my girls home for many, many reasons.  I didn't know if the solution was going to be short term or long term, but I did know that I was committed for one school year.  No out. I ended up homeschooling for about 3 years, but here's the real scoop.  My kids go to public school AND I still homeschool.  I've always been an involved mom bringing cool projects home for my children to do, but homeschool experience gave me an edge.  I now know the quickest way to engage my kids and have them learning WITHOUT THEM EVEN KNOWING! If you have EVER thought of homeschooling, please don't give up on the thought before you even start.  In fact, I've decided to limit the HOMESCHOOLING & SPECIAL NEEDS class to only 12 families, so I can truly help each of you, wherever you are at in your journey.  Even if you're still deciding if homeschool is right for you, this is the place to be.  I'm not going to paint a sunshine and rainbows picture of homeschooling to convince you to homeschool, but I will be able to show you how to cut your learning curve and begin to enjoy learning with your child.  


NOTE: This homeschooling class will take place 100% online.  You will get an online class schedule, but you do NOT have to show up during class times.  All information will be recorded and you can access it whenever you want.  Classroom discussions will be moderated M-Th and available 24/7 for the ENTIRE duration of the the class (July 1- July 30).


REMEMBER, you CAN homeschool your special needs child and together we will discover the best homeschooling experience for you. With Hope & Determination, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed Certified Special Education Educator, 20 year IEP Advocate, Creative Homeschooler Homeschooling & Special Needs  

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