Hope for the Hopelessness in Special Education

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I just read a blog article that I know many of you will have seen.  The author lists all of the reasons that the school system is stacked against special needs parents.  I don't disagree with the author.  She's right.  The system is broken. BUT here's the deal...your child's education doesn't have to be. If you go and fight the law, right now, the sad fact is that you are probably not going to make much change at the legal level that will effect your child.  While you're off fighting for more rules and regulations, your child is still getting an education that you are unhappy with.  Not good. So what's a parent to do?  If you have the energy, time, oomph, to go and fight in your local and state government for better laws.  Go for it. I'm behind you. If you don't.  That's ok too! I'm going to give you some hope in what you think might be a hopeless situation, otherwise known as special education. Many, many, many of the problems that your child is having in school are because the system doesn't "get" your child.  The current law would be much more effective if the team "got" your child and what an "appropriate education" really looked like for your unique child. Be filled with hope today because you have the tools to help the world "get" your child.  When you work on putting your child at the center of your efforts, you are CHANGING THE WORLD.  I don't care if the law is changed.  Really, I don't believe that any special education laws that are changed in my lifetime are going to impact education in an extreme way.  What I do KNOW and BELIEVE is that if you put your child first, teach the world about your child, continue to find creative solutions for reaching your child both in and outside of school... The world will be changed. I truly believe, in fact I've seen, there is hope in this hopeless situation of special education and it is your child, their gifts, their talents, their uniqueness that is going to change their education.  You giving your child a voice and a place in education is where hope lives.

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