How to Schedule Downtime for Your Child Who LOVES Routines

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Dear Parent,

Are you frustrated with not being able to have downtime or lazy time at home.  Your child thrives on routines and you have to get up everyday, even weekends and holidays, and stick to a schedule.

It's time to get creative and start using your child's preferred scheduling tool (pecs, iPad, timers,) to schedule several preferred activities in a row on those mornings when you just don't need to get up and do things.

Learning how to get through waiting, being independent in readying/playing/making an easy snack is a life long skill.  Learning to wait is important both at home and out in the community.

Setting your child's morning (or night!) up with visual supports and reminders will take some work in the beginning.  You have to be specific with several preferred activities in a row and you'll have to teach your child the new routine, BUT... Once this new routine is established, you might just get to drink an entire cup of coffee...while it's still hot (ok, warm)!

We're going to work on visual schedules and supports for both home and school in the Special Education Help Center.  I invite you to join me and get answers for your child, right on your phone, START HERE:


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