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One of the most important posters I ever read was one that had a quote by Maria Montessori.  It explained how helping a child when they don't need or don't ask for help is NOT a good thing.  Whenever we step in to help our children before they need help or want help, we are insulting them and their efforts to try. Sometimes it is soooo hard to watch our kids struggle!  Whether we are in a rush or just know our child needs help, we tend to step in too soon. I just addressed this in an IEP a few weeks ago.  We had it written into a little girl's IEP that the team has to wait a full 60 seconds before they can step in and prompt the student a second time. Do you know how long 60 seconds feels when you're waiting for a child to do what you asked them to do! I bet you do! I know you can't wait all the time and sometimes life just has to happen, but any time you can... wait, let your child ask you for help or observe them until they get to "that point" that you know you have to step in before a full meltdown happens. Ready for more help on how to have details changed in your child's IEP (like waiting to prompt your child and letting them build independence, like the girl I just told you about).... Join me at the Special Education Help Center!

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