autism down syndrome iep parent input Special Education Tips

   Every IEP, no matter what state you are in, needs to include a parent input statement. Take out your child's IEP and find the parent input section. Read it over… Is that really what you said? Is your parent input statement driving your child's education? Your parent input statement needs to ensure that your child is prepared for further education, independent living, and employment. You are the expert of your child and this is where you show your expertise. Do not let the section simply state your few concerns you have about academics and how you want your child to be happy in the future. The section can be used for so much more! You need your voice heard in the IEP and this is the place. Bring your parent input statement written prior to the IEP meeting and have it inserted into this section of the IEP. This is different than adding it as an attachment. You want your words listed in this section of the IEP. Remember, you are writing your parent input statement to drive your child's success for further education, employment, and independent living!

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