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bootcampcoverDear Special Needs Parents… Do you want what’s best for your child, but you constantly feel push back from the education system?  This is for you. What if you already feel that your child is receiving an appropriate education, but you want to take your child’s learning to the next level?  This is for you. Or what if, you’re just tired of advocating alone.  You are frustrated with hours of research trying to figure out how to negotiate for your child’s education and you just want answers on what to do for YOUR child?  This is for you. Over 20 years ago I earned both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Special Education.  I have a brother with Down syndrome and I watched my mom advocate for hours for a better education in the 1980’s.  I thought “I’ll become a teacher and change the world from the inside of my classroom.“  Then I found out, the system is broken. I began to teach by day and coach parents by night on what to ask for in the classroom.  Soon, by parents telling other parents about our strategies to negotiate a better education, my advocacy practice was born. Today, my IEP Advocacy has evolved to help even more parents to advocate for a better education, effectively…through IEP Boot Camp ONLINE. bootcamponline Gone are the days of parent support groups, expensive seminars, and inconvenient meetings to try and figure out your child’s education. Now, with the grace of technology you can learn how to change your child’s education immediately by enrolling in IEP Boot Camp Online. We won't have time to fix the system while your child is still in school, BUT we can work the system to your child's benefit!  You have to know the lingo, procedures, tactics and unspoken rules of Special Education to really get what you child needs.   As a sibling, an educator, an advocate and a parent…I see solutions from all sides and will help you secure solutions for your child.  bootcampview What is IEP Boot Camp Online? IEP Boot Camp Online takes place in a PRIVATE group on Facebook. No more searching all over the internet for the best ways to navigate the Special Education system.  In IEP Boot Camp Online you can get the answers you need to stop navigating and start advocating...EFFECTIVELY. You've done your research, you know what your child needs, but you don't know HOW to get it done within the broken school system.  In IEP Boot Camp there are 3 main ways we are going to work together.... FIRST: The resources, files, videos, checklists are available to you 24/7!  Here's a quick look into some of the resources available to you... SECOND: I will also provide video teaching, action steps and answers to questions weekly.   THIRD: You can ask questions about YOUR child at anytime!  I will personally answer your IEP questions within a few days (most of the time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).  This is NOT a parent support group.  Although you will learn from other parent’s questions and other parents will chime in on your questions, I will personally be giving all IEP advocacy steps. Who is IEP Boot Camp for?
  • Parents who need to know how to change their child’s education
  • Parents who are willing to do the work, but need the steps
  • Parents who want to learn how to maximize their child’s IEP
  • Parents who are being ignored by their IEP team
  • Parents who have questions about data, progress, curriculum, placement, therapies, transition, testing, goal writing and more…
What will you have access to in IEP Boot Camp?
  • Videos - I’ll teach you how to advocate more effectively
  • Advocacy Letters you can tailor to your child’s needs
  • Action Steps you can take to change your child’s education
  • Q&A - You ask questions, I give answers
  • Flexibility - IEP Boot Camp is accessible 24/7, you don’t need to attend live
  • Collaboration - Learn what other parents are advocating for

Enrollment for IEP Boot Camp is currently OPEN

1Full Year of IEP HELP for $99 See What Other Parents Have to Say about IEP Boot Camp Online: “There’s so much information in here (IEP Boot Camp Online) that I didn’t know existed. I thought I knew it all, but now I know where to start to get real change in my child’s IEP.” -Proud Mom of a Middle Schooler "Want to share an outstanding advocates information. If you EVER need or even think you need help, some guidance or an advocate that really understands the special needs community I highly recommend Catherine Whitcher. Even though we live in an outstanding school district and have had little no issues with getting ANYTHING our son needs, we joined IEP Bootcamp. Catherine and her years of experience are a wealth of knowledge that we can all use at one time or another. Sometimes it's just really nice to have a little "help" in your back pocket heading into an IEP meeting. Catherine helps and guides families ALL over the country. LOVE IEP Bootcamp. -Debbie 11214159_876950085729441_7298154919128733561_n 11947471_938093246281791_790798866808775625_n 11230229_876635472427569_3784820128711251034_n 12140569_965958706828578_5000834648193438040_n   Enrollment for IEP Boot Camp is currently OPEN $99 = 1 Year of IEP HELP
   robertMeet my brother, Robert, and my daughters, Julianne & Johanna.  As a sibling and parent I KNOW you know your child best.  Let's go get your child the education they deserve. With Hope & Love, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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