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Dear Parents, The prep work you do before the IEP meeting is just as important (maybe more important) than what you say at the IEP table! Screenshot this checklist, save it in your phone, and when meeting time rolls around, start to take action! 

If you need to know HOW to ASK for draft copies, observations of placements, what to do with present level data and who to make sure is at your IEP meeting, JOIN ME in the Special Education Help Center and I'll give you the words you need to make things happen WITHOUT fighting the school or causing unnecessary conflict.  

A key point to remember is that you are absolutely an equal IEP team member! Using this checklist you'll be prepared to take action and have conversations at the IEP table that result in helping your child have a more meaningful education. And... Never forget... NO DECISIONS have to be made at the IEP table. Stepping away from the table and returning in 5 minutes or returning in 5 days can actually result in a better outcome and teamwork than pushing through a conversation that is not going to end well for your child.

Action Steps

1. ****Screenshot the pic below****

2. Join me in the Special Education Help Center

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


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