IEP Goal Tip: PLEASE include prompts in your IEP goals!

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There's an Instagram post that is driving me crazy... actually 3 posts. So I had to speak out, even if I hardly had a voice from my cold. 

If you want to continue the conversation and get more details on how to write IEP goals that make sense (and help your child make progress).... START HERE.

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  • Venus Ketcham on

    Would love to learn how “prompts” are included in IEP goals

  • Kerri on

    I have been using prompts in my child’s goals for years and have started trying to remove them as I feel my child is very prompt dependent and the staff considers she can do a goal as long as they are telling her every single step of the way! FRUSTRATING. I want her independence and I push for it at home. How can you meet both worlds ???? THANK YOU!!

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