IEP Goal Writing for Parents with LESS Stress

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How To Write Better IEP Goals for Your Child with LESS Stress  The bottom line of every IEP is that a parent wants their child to learn more and to learn the important stuff for life. Most parents feel unqualified to make IEP Goal decisions, but in reality YOU are the MOST qualified person in the room. One of the biggest things you can do for your child is learn how to write better IEP Goals with the IEP team. 3 Simple Steps to Better IEP Goal Writing: 1- Speak about end results your child needs in the next 12 months. 2- Use REAL life as a benchmark of what your child needs to learn!   3- Speak to the IEP team in "Mom & Dad" words and let them translate your child's needs to education terms. On April 19th, I'm going to be teaching how those 3 steps look in action, PLUS much more in a LIVE webinar! BUT here's the thing...your life is busy and you may not be able to show up to the webinar, sooo.... I'm recording the webinar so you can watch it at anytime. You definitely will want to reserve your seat for the LIVE webinar if you can't attend because... everyone who reserves their seat will have one week to watch the webinar and ask questions via email!  THEN...I'm going to answer all of the questions sent to me via email in a Q&A video.  You'll get a copy of that video too! There's a few other tools that I'm giving you that you can print out and keep forever....I'm determined to make this the last IEP goal writing video/book/checklist you'll ever need to help write the BEST IEP goals for your child! RESERVE YOUR SEAT & YOUR ACCESS TO Q&A: Remember, The school system is broken, but your child's education doesn't have to be! Best, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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