IEP Goals for Real Life 

advocacy autism down syndrome Education Training Videos goals iep special education special needs either love them or hate them when you are out of routine as a Special Needs family.  This weekend is Easter, which means it's REALLY out of routine for many families.  This is when I love to tap into families and find out...what does your child really need to learn? One year from now, what would you like to be different next Easter?  What is challenging your child?  Easter Egg hunts? Family time? Restaurants? Church? Egg dying? Chill out time? Wearing different clothes? What activities are you avoiding because you know how hard it would be for you and your child to participate? These are the things that you NEED to get written into your child's IEP.  These are the real life skills that make a difference in your child's quality of life and YOURS!  Sometimes parent freak out when I talk about life skills for their child's IEP.  They are thinking about their child having low expectations of going to school to do things they already know how to do at home. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Real life skills are the things that your child needs so they can participate better at home and in the community with others, at their age, with their peers and with their family.  It's all about YOUR child and using the IEP to change their quality of life. Next month I'm teaching a webinar on just how to make this happen.  How you can use your child's IEP to actually make your life easier instead of thinking of that packet of paper as a pain in the butt. Reserve Your Space Today and Join Me to learn how to change  your child's education and learn REAL life skills that set high expectations and CAN change your child's life.


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