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May IEP Help Center Schedule

This is going to be a GREAT month in the IEP Help Center!

Together I'm going to guide you through wrapping up the school year in a way that will lead to EASIER transitions in the Fall to new classrooms and new routines.

I'm going to help you avoid getting around excuses of "let's wait to the Fall" and help you know what needs to documented so you don't have repeat problems next year.


May 3rd: End of the Year IEP Checklist and Video will be posted before 3p.m. You'll be able to print the checklist, watch the video and take 7 simple steps in under 5 minutes each to wrap up your child's school year.

May 10th & 17th: Q&A Day. Remember, you can leave questions ANYTIME in the Q&A comments and your questions are guaranteed to be answered on May 10th & May 17th. Of course, I usually can't wait that long and end giving a few Bonus Q&A days to make sure you have the help you need!

May 22nd: LIVE IEP HELP WEBINAR. Inside of the Help Center I will go LIVE at 10a.m. with Hot Topics of ESY, Placement, and YOU GET TO ASK QUESTIONS AND I'LL ANSWER THEM ON THE SPOT. No worries if you can't make it to the live webinar. It will be recorded, you'll be able to watch it at anytime, and you can leave your questions (after you watch) in the Q&A comment box.

May is the perfect month to reflect on what has worked, what has not worked and what needs to happen next school year for your child to be successful. I can't wait to work with all of you!

With Hope & Determination Always,


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