IEP Topics for the NEW YEAR!

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This past week I was consulting with awesome special needs parents who are ready to make 2018 THE year that their child makes BREAKTHROUGHS at school.  After reviewing their paperwork and really listening to their concerns... 4 areas became a priority.

1. Technology: We need really take advantage of how technology can help their daughter become more independent and assist in learning both academic and non-academic skills.

2. PLOP (Present Levels of Performance): Updated PLOPs are needed so we can work as a team and make appropriate decisions for next steps.

3. Self Advocacy: This little girl (3rd grade) needs a voice in her school day. Knowing how to ask for help or express when you don't like things without melting down is so important!

4. FBA-BIP: An updated Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) is needed so we can make sure, as a team that the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is moving in the right direction.

If these areas sound like needs your child has and you're ready to be proactive & collaborative to make it happen. JOIN ME on January 9th and I'll teach you how

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I can't wait to help you create an awesome 2018!


P.S. If you stumbled on this post after 1/9/18... I can still help you. Join me in a private facebook group (advocacy classes included, including the recording from 1/9/18). JOIN HERE

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  • Venus on

    Loved this video! My son has a vague FBA BIO
    Excited to revisit it at his upcoming IEP meeting

  • Devika Menon on

    Hello Ma’am,
    My son is autistic and has apraxia.At school they introduces pec book at 2 grade which we were told to buy we started using it at home and also sent to school but 3 grade his outside speech therapist suggested us to use iPad with Avaaz app which we did and school they continued with pecbook.But my son was just using for requesting etc the typing option of this app I didn’t like its slow plus has grammatically not predicting but in school the other kids the district use proloque which we haven’t brought.Can the school iPad can be sent to home or is it only to be used in school and will any one train him in proloque .Thank You

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