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14432987_1738812293035908_5099342940536669025_n Yesterday I met the most awesome moms at Total Spectrum Care in Elmhurst, IL.  We spent two hours together yesterday powering through IEP Boot Camp, learning how to change their child's education and best of all.... I got to answer their specific questions for their child. None of these parents want to fight the school district, but they aren't willing to give up their child's education either.  The strategies we talked about during the workshop will give them the tools to build their child's IEP team to work TOGETHER! For the past 20 years I've been an IEP advocate, but I started my work in the special education field as a teacher.  That insider look of what happens behind the scenes is what helps me help parents see solutions from a different perspective. Here are just a few of the questions we tackled yesterday:
  • What do I do if the team promised inclusion minutes, but they aren't happening yet?
  • I'm planning on moving, what do I need to get into my child's IEP?
  • What do I do about missed therapy minutes?
  • How do I get more 1:1 support for my child?
If you have any of these questions, I'll help you get the answers you need for your child and you don't have to wait for an IEP Boot Camp workshop in  your area.  Join me in the Special Education Help Center and we can get started, RIGHT NOW!  If you want to talk about bringing an IEP Boot Camp to your area, email [email protected] and let's make it happen! Remember... when advocating, our goal is always to keep the focus on your child and to get the best solution possible with the least amount of conflict!  Advocating doesn't have to be about fighting, it's about giving your child a voice for what they need to succeed. With Hope & Determination Always, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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