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We all know that Inclusion can be a beautiful experience or a disaster. Being an IEP advocate for the past 20 years for parents and consulting with schools on some of their toughest cases to "get things to work", there's a common starting place.  

What are the child's expectations and does the CHILD know their expectations?!?!

Ofter we assume because a child knows classroom rules in one environment that it will transfer to others. I'm always helping the parents in the Special Education Resource Center figure out where the breakdown is at and what we can do about it.

This list shows many of the skill that are overlooked and it can help the team of teachers understand where we need to possibly troubleshoot.  

The next place you'll want to look is the Accommodations & Modifcations section of your child's IEP... Get that checklist HERE. 

If you've gone through this list and you're child is still struggling, your team can't figure out, but YOU KNOW IN YOUR GUT that inclusion is right, I hope you'll join me in the Special Needs Education Help Center and we can get to the bottom of the struggle!

P.S.  DON'T FORGET... you can't hold a child responsible for behaviors that they don't know are expected! Go through this list and get the entire IEP team on board (especially the Gen Ed teacher, including Art, Gym, Music) and get creative in making inclusion work!

With Hope & Determination,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
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Download a PDF version of this Checklist Here

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