Inclusion: Right or Wrong?

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Inclusion, is it right or wrong for your child.  Honestly, I don't know, but you do.  In this video I share with you how you can make the right decision for your child and how you should NEVER give into the peer pressure of what other parents are doing when it comes to inclusion.

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  • Karyn Borden on

    RIGHT ON!!! We all need to listen to, and trust our own wisdom.
    It is also crucial that parents go and see what inclusion really looks like, in order to make an informed decision. It is different in each classroom/environment.

  • Catherine Whitcher on

    So much pressure for special needs parents from so many different sides! When the school district pushes, the parents are typically fueled to push back. When other parents push, it makes them question if they’re a good parent. Grrrr….

  • Julie McGarry on

    And you are full of wisdom! I’m getting feeling so sorry for parents who know whats best for their child but get talked in to what others feel good about. I feel the school districts are the biggest culprit in most cases

  • Catherine Whitcher on

    Karyn, you are soooo right! “Inclusion” is such a generic term and the only way to define it is to see it in action exactly where your child would be.

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