Isn't it Time You Found out what is REALLY Happening in Your Child's School Day?

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  • Roberta STakland on

    I like this idea, but I am not at all sure what to ask for. There are misunderstandings about parent intentions because I have been trying to get an IEP in place for well over a year. The Area Education Agency’s evaluation was superficial, was done at the very beginning of the school year, and only identified her need for help with math. They proposed to address this by pulling her from class each morning for help from the special education teacher.. We agree that this would be helpful, however, if her behavior and performance in the rest of her classeswas is a bigger problem than her math deficiencies. We have been trying to find ways to protect her through IEP accommodations. I found your list of accommodations and modifications very helpful. My daughter is 10 and has diagnoses of autism, nonverbal learning disorder, PTSD, anxiety, delay in coordination, discalcula, and dispraxia. In spite of this, her teacher thinks she just isn’t trying, can do the things other kids can do, and that her social difficulty is done intentionally. Communication has been sparse and I have been generally hesitant to make waves that will cause her to be even more cross with my daughter during the school day.

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