Lifelong Learning with Others

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The whole reason you go through the trouble of sending your children to school, fighting IEPs and lose sleep over if they are making progress is because you want your child to have an awesome future. Sometimes when we think about the future, we forget about the simple things, like sitting around the table and playing cards with friends. Some of my best memories of my childhood with my brother (he has Down syndrome and is a few years younger than me) is playing UNO.  I can remember my grandma setting up the table with homemade refrigerator pickles, beets and green beans (What? Weird, I know.) and playing UNO for what felt like hours with us. We played at grandma's house, at home, while waiting for his turn at Special Olympics competition.  Now we play UNO with my daughters.  It creates a bond through generations for everyone at all ability levels.  Whether your child doesn't want to sit at the table, but loves to put a card into the middle when called or they are contemplating the best strategy to beat their sibling, play cards can be fun for all.  (Ok, fine, I had one mom who said that her son doesn't like cards, but likes dice games... you get the picture.) So this summer, when you feel like you should be doing more, when you wish that helping your child learn wasn't so much work, when you can't find an activity that fits everyone in your house.  Consider busting out a card game... change the rules if you have to... do what you have to do to make this work.  I can promise you that playing cards is a skill that will last for years. Here's my next game to put into my Amazon cart... it came as a recommendation from an awesome mom in our Special Needs Education Help Center...  UNO DARE! pTRU1-18195448enh-z6

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