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Catherine Whitcher Who is Catherine? Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, CLC is passionate about advocating for special needs families.   She has a brother with Down Syndrome and has been in the special needs community professionally for over 17 years.  Catherine began advocating for better, more effective special education programs after experiencing first hand the devastation of our school systems as a certified teacher. IEP Bootcamp was created to educate and empower parents and professionals on how to design and implement special education programs for success. As a parent of a child who is recovered from severe Epilepsy, Catherine understands the modern day special needs family and the struggles families are facing in both the education and medical communities. Catherine works in many different settings, from large conferences such as AutismOne, to smaller group workshops across the country, and also provides 1:1 family consulting. Highlights About Catherine
  • Bachelors and Master Degree in Special Education
  • Certified Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Coach
  • Over 17 years experience educating families and professionals
  • Directed a team of medical professionals to recover her daughter from Epilepsy
  • Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Presenter
  • NATTAP Conference, Presenter
  • Reaching for the Stars, Washington Medical University, Presenter
  • AutismOne, Presenter
  • SPIN, IL Dist 203, Presenter
  • Indian Prairie Special Needs PTA, IL Dist 204, Presenter
  • SPARK, IL Dist 15, Presenter
  • Joliet Park District, Presenter
  • Autism Society of IL, Central IL Chapter, Presenter
  • Healing Thresholds, Contributor
  • Gerson Lehrman Group, Consultant
  • Mom’s Choice Awards, Distinguished Judge

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