My Kid Hates to Read!

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I love to read. I went to school to be a teacher. I've been an IEP advocate for 20 years helping parents come up with education plans. And... My 13 year old HATES to read.  Drives me crazy. Breaks my heart. She has crushed my dreams.  Ok, maybe that's taking it a bit far. So a few years ago when she developed this horrible outlook on reading (no, I'm not bitter at all). I started to search for books that were age appropriate with a lot of pictures and of high interest.  Hey, my training is in special education so finding visuals is my speciality! Lucky for my daughter (don't ask her if she's lucky) I found some perfect win/win books to keep in the house.  She actually picks these up on her own (more when I'm not looking because I want to kiss her when she picks up a book). Here's my winning solution... National Geographic for Kids books! Almanacs are always a favorite since they give fun and easy to read facts.  She tries to pretend she's not super interested, but I catch her with these books often and I've even seen her use them for school work.  (Warmed my heart that she looked outside of google for some help.) I don't know how long I'll be able to ride this train of joy when it comes to these books, but it's been 3 years so far and I don't see it stopping.  She'll never admit that wants more of these books, but as long as she keeps on picking them up. I'll keep having them delivered (Thank You Amazon for saving my daughter the pure torture of going to a library or book store.) 

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