Never Underestimate A Special Needs Mom

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There's always been this concept of special needs moms having to be "that mom" to get things done for their child in the special education system.  I don't buy it. You don't have to be "that mom". You become "that mom" when the school team, doctor, therapist or even your community begins to underestimate your ability as a special needs mom to get things done. Let's face it. You know how to GET THINGS DONE!  You don't have time for everyone to be your friend, you don't have the energy to explain yourself 15 times about what your child needs AND you definitely don't have the patience for people who don't accept that you are the expert on your child. Special Needs Moms - you don't have to be "that mom", but you definitely should make sure that nobody underestimates your ability to get things done. Can you imagine saying this statement in your child's IEP meeting: "Please don't underestimate the importance of my child receiving a full 60 minutes of speech therapy every week during this school year.  It is at the top of my priority list to ensure speech therapy is happening and that it is effective for not only school, but across all environments." Powerful. Informative. Not Making Conflict. Making a Statement. When you bring concerns to the team under the concept of "not underestimating the importance", you also make it clear that YOU, the special needs parent, should not be underestimated. Ever. Ready to build your IEP advocacy and stop being underestimated by your child's school team? Join me in the Special Needs Education Help Center! img_4095.jpg

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