Pretty Polish and It's Safe!


Instagram is where I usually share these fun moments behind the scenes, but we LOVED Karma Organic Spa soooo much... I had to share with everyone!
Having two teenage girls, there are often disagreements in my house... painting nails is something we ALWAYS agree on.
You guys know that my youngest daughter has a ton of allergies, we don't keep any traditional house cleaners in our home, we have all natural hair and make up brands, but nail polish was something I just couldn't find, at least not a quality solution that was beautiful. Until I found Karma Organics.
I was so excited when the Karma Organics box arrived! 
First we had to take off our junk nail polish and I was a bit skeptical that this safer version of nail polish remover would work... but it did and our hands felt better than before we used it.  No burning our nose hairs and stinging our fingers when using it.  The lavender remover was PERFECT (Find it here at my amazon link.) 
Next, of course we painted... thought for sure that the healthier nail polish would need many, many coats. I was wrong again. The coverage was awesome. We topped it off with a clear coat and then we followed it with the QUICK DRY.  Oh my, I loved that stuff. I'm worse than my kids when it comes to sitting still with wet nails.
Karma Organics is definitely going to be our go-to choice when it comes to at home spa days. I've even already put some in my travel bag for my next IEP conference ;) 

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