Punished for Personality

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 Have you noticed a trend that kids are being punished in school for having a personality? Just yesterday I was on the phone with a client and she was describing her son's "behaviors". After getting a feel for the situation and her son's reaction...he was showing his personality! He was trying to connect! Our school system is under a lot of pressure. I get it. Teachers are stressed now more than ever. However, maybe it's time to stop expecting every child to follow the rules like a robot. It's time to bring some fun back into the classroom. It's time to let our children shine! As adults we constantly have to remind ourselves that we are uniquely made. Don't be like anyone else. Be yourself. Live your life. No wonder it's a lot of work to figure this out as an adult. Classrooms are not only taking away our individuality, but punishing our kids for having personality. Now..remember, I LOVE teachers. I have great respect for every school employee that shows up everyday. I'm cheering all team members on because I KNOW you didn't go into teaching to mold children into a box. You probably went into teaching to inspire and build our future. Let's bring the fun back into the classroom and acknowledge the wide variety of personalities in our classrooms today. Teaching a child when to let their personality burst and when to keep their spark contained is a great life skill. Please, let's give all children a chance to shine, show their personality and be proud of who they are...that's how we are going to build the future. As for my client I worked with yesterday...no worries...punishment was removed and encouragement for individuality and social teaching moments have been defined.

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