KANOODLE! Saved my Sanity this Morning

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Anybody else have a child who wants to play board games or card games ALL THE TIME? My youngest could play games all day. She'd rather be playing cards or board games than on her phone, which is a great thing, except... sometimes I just need to disengage. I love to read. I love to blog. I love to create new tools for my clients who need better IEPs for the children. I love quiet. I love alone time. Yes, I love to play games, but definitely not as much as my daughter.

So when my oldest needed to get a gift for my youngest for a family "secret Santa" type of thing, but it's for Valentine's day, I pointed her in the directions of 1 player games. Brain teasers. I used to love these when I was kid (hmmm, maybe why I still like to work solo). This one we grabbed at Target (last minute shopper so Amazon Prime wasn't even an option, grrrr, but it is available on Amazon here.)

So far... KANOODLE is a winner!  The pic above is my daughter posting on Instagram the pics of the solved puzzles. You know it has the stamp of approval when it gets posted on social media (And it is available on Amazon here.)

6 different levels.

2d and 3d options of problem solving.

Saved my sanity this Monday morning as the kids have no school, but I have work that needs to get done, so I needed quiet time.  She got to hang out next to me and stretch her brain while I got to stretch mine by writing IEP action steps. Win/Win!

Looks like I'm going to be on the hunt for brain teasers to keep her busy over the summer! Do you have any favorites for your own children or yourself? I remember, we used to have them at Cracker Barrel when I worked there through college. Looks like it might be time to make a stop next time we pass one on the way to Grandma's house! 





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