Simple Steps to Helping Your Special Needs Child in School

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Get Your Simple Steps to Helping Your Special Needs Child in School

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  • Heather Cosma on

    Would like help or input. Autistic son is now in middle school. Was receiving speech therapy up until ending of 5th grade, speech consult in sixth grade and for me, I see some regression. Some in my team say I shouldn’t worry, but I think differently. Should I push for my child to have the speech therapy again, or should I let it go? The same thing goes for his OT…sigh

  • Catherine Whitcher on

    Hi Bonnie… hope to have you join me at The Special Needs Education Help Center! Here’s the link for enrollment:

  • Bonnie Shiffler on

    Would love help with schooling this is are 4th year in florida and I’m starting to worry, my son is 9 and is autistic

  • Catherine Whitcher on

    Hi Heather, You need to follow your gut! Your gut is saying your child needs to have more support in that area and you most likely should pursue either speech therapy or other supports that would get similar results. Come join me in the Help Center and we can work through your concerns and next steps:

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