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I did a video on Facebook not that long ago talking about sleep and the special needs parent.  I shared with you something pretty personal. My youngest daughter suffered from severe Epilepsy for many years.  I am completely blessed that she is not having seizures now...but I don't think I slept for YEARS and I KNOW I will never sleep the same way again. By accident when I was shopping, researching...HUNTING for solutions for my daughter's health, I came across a solution for when I needed to slow my brain down and rest.  Mind you...I could NOT go into a deep sleep! I was the only parent in the house and I had to be aware of her seizure activity (she would seize at night and/or wake up in seizures).  Anyway.... here's what I found to help me slow down my brain and get some rest, without putting me in a deep sleep. I hope it helps some of you get some rest :) More about Stress Relief Complex and Where to Buy

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