Sneaky Mom - I got Cotton Candy from Hawaii!

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We're headed to Disney on Ice tonight! 

Yes, I really am excited.  Disney on Ice is a tradition I've always had with my daughters. Last year they wanted to skip it (I was cool with that too, I knew that day would come), but this year they saw the billboard and said... LET'S GO!

We will be surrounded by foods that my kiddo's can't have. They don't even ask for the foods because they know they will feel sick, but c'mon we all know there's a piece of them that wants that "junk".

So this year I actually planned ahead... I mean I always have fun snacks with me for events like this, but I finally thought ahead to get the same snacks in the safe version for my girls.

The cotton candy arrived a few days ago from HAWAII! The snow cone syrups are a brand we've had before, but I couldn't resist the little purse size bottles so we can make our own rainbow.  I snagged them both on Amazon, of course! 

There's a ton of other flavors of both of these brands that I think will be in our future.

Check them out!

Cotton Candy Flavors

Amoretti Syrup Flavors (Hint, read the labels of the syrup before your buy. Not all of the flavors are the same.)

Do you have favorite companies that you use for your kids? Share!  I want to know!

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