Sorry, But I'm Just DONE with This School Year

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"I'm sorry, but I'm just DONE with this school year!" are the exact words that I heard this week from from more than one mom.  It happens every year at this time.  The beginning of the year honeymoon is over and the daily grind of the school year sets in. So this morning, as I'm sitting in Iowa in my hotel room, after presenting IEP Boot Camp workshop yesterday I decided to add 3 more things to the IEP class on October 27th that will help every mom and dad who are tired of feeling like they have to fight for everything for their child who has an IEP. Let me teach you these 3 things and you'll get more from your child's school without feeling like you are hitting your head against a brick wall:
  • I'll help you how to figure out if your child's IEP goals are good goals and what do (if anything) they aren't.
  • I'll teach you my favorite ways to change your child's IEP WITHOUT AN IEP MEETING
  • Learn my #1 way to show the IEP team what your child REALLY knows so they can have HIGHER expectations for your child at school!
These moms and dads in Iowa asked the BEST questions at IEP Boot Camp yesterday and I'm continuing to work with several of them this morning.  I know several of them will be joining me online on October 27th to continue getting what they need for their child.  They no longer have to wonder and work alone to figure out if they are going the right direction in their child's education.  You don't either.  REGISTER HERE to Join Me on Oct 27th (you'll get a recording of the class to keep forever). 14446092_1740015536248917_5248082219672532390_n I can't wait to see you October 27th! With Hope & Determination Always, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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